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Senior Psychology Students Continue Annual Winning Streak

Student research earns two of three undergraduate awards at statewide conference

4/29/2008 9:56:21 AM


LYNCHBURG – Psychology students won two of three undergraduate awards at the Virginia Psychological Association’s annual meeting in April.

Alexandra Knoppel and Katt Janson won the Meredith Green Best Undergraduate Poster Award for their study in Protein Synthesis Inhibition and Extinction: Does Cycloheximide Produce Amnesia For Extinction of An Odor Discrimination in Rats?

Nada Abdulhaqq, Vivian Scott, and Heather Stinnette won the Uzi Selzer Award for Best Undergraduate Paper in an Applied Area for their study in the Effects of Peer Pressure and Sensation-Seeking on Alcohol Consumption Among College Students.

In April, senior psychology majors from the college traveled to Charlottesville to present their senior research papers at the annual conference. Each year, all Randolph psychology majors present their senior research papers at this conference as part of the requirements for their capstone course in psychology. College students from across the state present and compete at the VPA conference.

“We believe that the success of our students at VPA over the last decade illustrates the importance of a curriculum that provides the content and skills necessary to both evaluate, develop, and conduct research in the field,” said Beth Schwartz, psychology professor. “Our students not only read about the science of psychology, they are able to create original research and see for themselves how to apply what they learned in the classroom and in the lab. This experience is invaluable regardless of the direction a student takes after graduation.”

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