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Randolph Students Blog During Powershift 2007

Students will join thousands of college students in first national youth summit on the climate crisis

11/2/2007 2:56:05 PM


LYNCHBURG — A group of students from Randolph College will join thousands for Power Shift, the first national youth summit on the climate crisis, which is being held at the University of Maryland at College Park November 2-5.

The Randolph students will use the opportunity to share their experiences and efforts to create a more climate-friendly campus environment with others from around the country. Check out their blog at:

Power Shift will take the climate movement to new levels. At this conference, student leaders will share ideas, learn new skills, make new connections, establish a national voice for their generation, and send a united message to national leaders.

Power Shift’s organizing committee set three ambitious goals:

1. Make the U.S. Presidential candidates and Congress take global warming seriously.It is widely accepted that the next U.S. president must make global warming a priority for us to solve the crisis before we reach a point of no return. With youth voting rates on the rise, we have the opportunity to drastically affect the 2008 Presidential Election and ensure our next president puts us on a path to stopping climate change.

2. Empower a truly diverse network of young leaders.The organizers of Power Shift understand the limitations of mainstream environmentalism and its history of engaging primarily white, highly educated, privileged citizens on the left while leaving behind other communities. We must diversify our movement to include every community in America and shift our culture towards one of sustainability and justice for everyone, addressing traditional racial, ethnic, geographic, and ideological divisions.

3. Achieve broad geographic diversity.We want this convergence to represent nearly every Congressional district in the United States in order to demand scientifically based solutions from all who represent us. Only when this fire is burning in every state of the union with broad awareness and pointed activism from the ground up, will we have the political power needed to take on the fossil fuel industry.

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CONTACT: Brenda Edson, Director of College Relations