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Catholic Worker Activist Shares Experience with Students

Bill Streit meets with International Law class

3/17/2006 1:37:05 PM


LYNCHBURG– Bill Streit, a Catholic worker activist, shared his experiences with an International Law class on campus this week.

Streit participated in a 25-member delegation of activists that called themselves “Witness Against Torture.” They violated a travel ban to march to the gates of the US Interrogation Camp in GuantánamoBay. After walking from Santiagoto GuantánamoCity, a 65 mile trek, the group was granted permission by Cuban authorities to set up a 24 hour vigil and fast at the Cuban militarized zone, 8 miles from the actual prison, which is inside the US Naval Base there.

They came with a letter to base officials asking for permission to visit the prisoners, many of whom are hunger-striking in protest of inhumane conditions (request denied). The delegation spent three days fasting and praying in front of the camp, while 25 of the detainees inside were being force-fed in an attempt to break their strike.

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