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New Quillian Scholar named

Aliaa Redah Rafea named international professor

12/20/2001 3:02:00 PM

    LYNCHBURG, Va. — Aliaa Redah Rafea, a renowned scholar of Egyptian and Islamic culture, has accepted a semester-long appointment as the William F. Quillian, Jr. Visiting International Professor for the spring semester of the 2001-2002 R-MWC academic year. Rafea, a native of Egypt, will share with the R-MWC community her unique perspective on how the philosophies of ancient Egypt can still offer insights into today’s world, as well as an examination of human rights and justice against the backdrop of modern Islam. She comes to the campus as the sixth Quillian scholar since the program began in 1995. Her predecessors have included M.V. Krishnayya from India, Slavenka Drakulic from Croatia, Emeka Nwabueze from Nigeria, Haiping Liu from China, and Michael Gilkes from Guyana.

Professor Rafea, daughter of the late Sufi Master Rafea Mohammad Rafea, has made significant contributions over the last two decades to the fields of Egyptian and Islamic spiritual and cultural research. She earned her Ph.D. from Ain Shams University Woman’s College in Cairo, where she is currently a professor of sociology and anthropology. She also holds an M.A. in sociology and anthropology from American University in Cairo. As part of her post, Rafea will teach two classes, offer one faculty development seminar, and deliver a public address.

The William F. Quillian, Jr. Visiting International Professorship was founded in 1996 as a part of the Lucille Puette Giles ’33 Global Studies Initiative. The program is named after William F. Quillian, Jr., the sixth president of R-MWC, and one of the College’s strongest advocates for international studies. It is a permanent faculty position, filled annually by visiting international scholars. Its primary purpose is to ensure that R-MWC students benefit from cross-cultural experiences and perspectives that are essential to citizens in a rapidly shrinking world.

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