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Badminton Newest Addition to PER Offerings

Student interest led R-MWC to purchase new equipment

12/13/2005 10:09:11 AM


LYNCHBURG -- Students at R-MWC now have yet another way to burn calories, relieve stress and have fun. Prompted by student interest, the Physical Education and Recreation/Athletics Department recently purchased new badminton equipment. About 100 students signed an interest letter in the fall, and PER asked the Building & Grounds Department to make nets.

The rackets, shuttlecocks and other equipment are located in the closet in the PER Building, and students are able to play whenever the gym is free. “Badminton is a great way to get in shape and have fun,” said Kevin Porterfield, assistant athletic director, said. “We’re hoping even more students take advantage of the new equipment.”

Badminton is a full medal Olympic sport, which had become increasingly popular at colleges across the nation. Badminton is actually one of the world's fastest racket sports, requiring quick reflexes and superb conditioning.

In a badminton smash, the shuttlecock has been timed at speeds over 200 m.p.h. in top international competition. In addition, this highly aerobic sport can burn calories and increase the physical condition of players. In fact, in a typical two-game match, players run approximately one mile.

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