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Eric Mitchell's Cycling Blog-Friday, April 15

Back on the Road Again

4/15/2005 3:54:42 PM


Friday, April 15

I am healthy again (almost) and am back on the road. We had a short ride to El Paso, TX today --60 miles that only took 4 ½ hrs to complete. It was hot and sunny with highs in mid 80’s. We are staying in the El Paso Hostel (clever name, eh?), and hostels are always a treat. This one allows you to smoke in a private room, but it seems all rooms have a transom window over the door so smoke is everywhere. It is quite disgusting—remember when airlines sectioned off smoking non-smoking with a sign on a seat? It’s very similar.

Many in the group are going across the border to Juarez tonight, but, I’ve been there and done that years ago in Tijuana and in Nogales. So I am opting for an early dinner and early to bed as I am tired and sore as I haven’t ridden much the last 5 days due to the illness .

Peace from the “Shrub” state!!

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