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Eric Mitchell's Cycling Blog-Thursday, April 7

Fast truckers, hot showers and a very small world

4/7/2005 11:32:32 AM


Thursday, April 7

(Blog via phone-still no computer access)

Last night the group arrived in Threeway, AZ, which was an old mining town. It was "pretty darn cold" last night, with the highs in the 30’s, but they had hot showers so all was not lost. Today they are heading to Buckhorn, New Mexico. The the owner of the campground has offered to drive them into town for supplies. People have been just wonderful to them all along the trip.

They are glad to be leaving Arizona as the roads are not bike friendly whatsoever. Eric said that they will have a bike lane for a bit, and then it just ends. They then have to merge in with tremendous truck traffic. Very scary. They plan to write to the governor when they get back and see what he can do about it.

Eric did have one story to tell…..When they were camped in Apache Junction, AZ, there was a group of high school students on an 8-day survival trek. It turns out they were from his old high school in New Hampshire! What are the odds??!!! Small world.

As Eric said in signing off…….”That’s all the news from Lake Wobegone!”

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