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Eric Mitchell's Cycling Blog- Tuesday, April 5

Big trucks, no bike lane and stinky bikers

4/5/2005 1:59:50 PM


Tuesday, April 5, 2005

(Blog via phone. There are still no Internet connections available. From the way the call sounded, we think he patched directly into the telephone line. Imagine Eric Mitchell in the middle of the desert, hanging off a telephone line with a makeshift receiver in his hand.)

They are east of Apache Junction, AZ heading toward Thatcher, AZ. Last night was spent in Globe, AZ at another camp site but this one had no hot water. (Today they are seeing who can avoid riding downwind of the others!) Yesterday was a 13-mile mountain climb with no bike lane and heavy truck traffic. VERY SCARY!!! Today is 80 miles but all flat, and tomorrow they head to Top of the World, AZ. They have had their share of flat tires, but everyone is okay and in good spirits.

That was all the news today because the connection was so poor. Tune in next time for the further adventures of …..BIKING MAN.

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