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Model U.N. Blog: The Journey Begins

Head delegate Ashley Marshall '05 reports back.

3/21/2005 9:17:22 AM


Randolph-Macon Woman's College students are attending the 2005 National Model United Nations Conference ( in New York City, March 21 - 26.

Head delegate Ashley Marshall '05, an international studies and political science major, is keeping a journal of the group's experience.

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Monday, 21 March 2005

Today, our delegation boarded a bus to New York City at 9:00 AM. After a lot of frantic last-minute packing and numerous trips up to dorm rooms to retrieve forgotten items, the delegates were finally aboard the bus in time to debate an issue of utmost importance…deciding which movie to watch on the TV in the charter bus.

The arguments were made with respect, eloquence, and calm reason until eventually a consensus was reached – let this be an omen for the rest of the conference.

The Virginia countryside is lovely, yes, although it begins to tire weary travelers after four hours spent in the same state. This did, thankfully, give delegates time to work on homework missed, listen to CDs, and catch up on the latest cinematic entertainment. Through Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and New Jersey, the tour bus drove, stopping occasionally at truck stops for the passengers to gaze in awe at the incredible variety of types of beef jerky available for purchase. Finally, nine hours later, when the delegates had ceased other activities to instead stare out the window in hopes of seeing the Manhattan skyline, we arrived at our destination and were immediately met with the sight of neon lights, and men in strange clothing on rollerblades.

Since we arrived a day before the actual conference began, we were able to have the night for ourselves, with pressing issues of human rights and international peace held at bay for a few hours more. Tonight, after unpacking our things and staking our claims on the most favored beds, we dressed and stepped out into Midtown Manhattan. Our destination was an Irish pub that has long been a favorite among MUN delegations and, since it was only about twenty blocks away and we needed to stretch our legs after the long bus ride, we walked.

On the way, we stopped at a place called the New York Luncheonette, which provided an odd array of dining choices. It was possible to order breakfast, lunch, or dinner, although it was ten at night. Among the offerings were spinach pie, burritos, and pot roast, with eggs benedict thrown in for additional variety. After enjoying our meal while talking about the excitement of being in New York and the mixed feelings of anticipation and nervousness over the start of the conference tomorrow, we finally left and walked the remaining block to O’Neills.

Once there, Alex, our delegate from Northern Ireland, proclaimed herself to be at home after hearing the Belfast accents of the servers. We relaxed over a few drinks and some Irish music, while some of the other delegates had coffee and ice cream next door, before making our way back to the hotel. We did manage to peek around the block where the lights of Times Square could be seen in the distance, but have promised ourselves that investigating the excitement to be found there will have to wait until we have free time later this week. It has been a long day.

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