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Constance Clark Awarded NEH Fellowship

American Culture professor recognized for her forthcoming book on evolution.

12/8/2004 4:53:12 PM


Constance Clark

Constance Clark, assistant professor of American culture, has been awarded a year-long fellowship by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) for academic year 2005-06.

The award will allow Clark to finish her book, Evolution in the Jazz Age, now under contract with Johns Hopkins University Press.

“The book explores the evolution debates of the 1920s and the protean appearance of evolutionary theory as it passed through a series of different lenses into popular culture,” says Clark. “Images mattered because the debates were, ultimately, about symbols. The authority of science–and of scientists–was at issue, and scientists disagreed about the boundaries of that authority. Many were uneasy about publicity, public relations and celebrity in this volatile decade. Not all scientists chose to join the debate; some saw it as beneath their dignity as ‘scientific men.’ Those who did participate were not always typical of the new wave of scientists; yet they were the people who were presented to the public as custodians of scientific opinion.”

This year’s NEH fellowship program was very competitive. Clark was among 220 recipients from a pool of nearly 1,500 applicants.

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