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Maier Museum of Art celebrates landmark year

4/1/2003 12:33:33 PM


LYNCHBURG, Va.— The Maier Museum of Art on the campus of Randolph-Macon Woman's College will mark the twentieth anniversary of the funding of the endowment that gave the museum its name, as well as the conclusion of its fiftieth year of operations, in a series of special events on Saturday, April 12, 2003.

While the secret history of the museum and its origins as an emergency shelter for the collections of the National Gallery of Art were highlighted in an earlier exhibition at the Museum, April's events are intended to celebrate another significant event in the history of the museum that took place in 1983.

In April of that year, the Sarah and Pauline Maier Scholarship Foundation, Inc., led by Ed H. Maier, had come forward with $800,000 to fund further renovations to the Art Gallery and to establish an endowment to support its on-going operation. In honor of their generosity, the facility and the art collection it housed, previously known simply as the R-MWC Art Gallery, were christened the Maier Museum of Art in honor of Ed's father, the late William J. Maier, Jr., of Charleston, West Virginia.

Saturday's celebration will begin with a 3:00 PM ceremony in the Thoresen Theatre, featuring a keynote address by Katharine Lee Reid, Director of the Cleveland Museum of Art. A special reception will be held at 6:00PM that evening at the Museum, in which Kitty Caldwell '74 and Nancy Walker '98 will unveil the Museum's latest acquisition.

For more information, call the Museum at 434-947-8136 or visit their web site.

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CONTACT: Brenda Edson, Director of College Relations