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Randolph College Safety and Security Officers Now Receiving Advanced Training

College requires certification that goes beyond state standards

3/14/2011 2:13:23 PM


LYNCHBURG—Randolph College’s campus security officers now receive the highest level of certification for campus security officers by the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS)—-an accomplishment that goes above and beyond state standards.

“It is important that our security team receives the best possible training and keeps pace with the most recent developments and protocols in emergency preparedness,” said Kris Irwin, director of safety and security. “We felt it was important, even if it wasn’t required. It is about being proactive to ensure that our officers are prepared for any situation.”

The training, which includes a minimum of 40 hours and a battery of written examinations, is now required for Randolph officers by the College. Randolph chose to require this training even though it is not required for private institutions of higher learning under state or federal law. This newest certification requirement is in addition to the basic training already required by the DCJS.

The Virginia General Assembly enacted legislation in 2006 requiring the DCJS to develop training standards for campus security officers across the Commonwealth. Since that time, the Office of Campus Policing and Security was established within the DCJS.

Officers must successfully complete classroom and practical training on various subjects such as legal and liability issues, conflict resolution, crisis response and management, handling threats, investigating crimes against persons, crime prevention, fire safety and more. Once completed, officers receive documented certification from the DCJS, which is valid for two years. As part of recertification requirements, officers must accumulate documented, approved in-service credits prior to being considered for recertification.

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