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Psychology Seniors Present Research at Conference

VPA Conference part of senior coursework requirements

5/6/2009 3:23:15 PM


LYNCHBURG — Ten Randolph College students presented research at the Virginia Psychological Association conference in Williamsburg this spring.

Each year, Randolph’s psychology majors present their senior research papers at this conference as part of the requirements for their capstone course in psychology. College students from across the state present and compete at the VPA conference.

“Once again, our students did an excellent job on their research presentations,” said Beth Schwartz, psychology professor. “We believe that the success of our students at VPA over the last decade illustrates the importance of a curriculum that provides the content and skills necessary to both evaluate, develop, and conduct research in the field. Our students not only read about the science of psychology, they are able to create original research and see for themselves how to apply what they learned in the classroom and in the lab. This experience is invaluable regardless of the direction a student takes after graduation.”

Student presenters included:

1. Lupita Rodriguez; Lyndsey Wells, The Effects of Creative Dance Movement on Emotional Regulation

2. Christina Scheele; Emily Fincher, Associations of Digit Ratio with Perceptions of Violent and Sexual Media

3. Ashleigh Pogue, Parenting Practices Associated with the Development of Prosocial Behaviors in Late Adolescence

4. Anu Thapa; Danielle Hird, Classroom Interaction: A Function of Communication, Apprehension, Nationality and Sex

5. Kara Clissold, The Effects of Social Dominance on Social Learning in Horses

6. Verity Gerti, Internet Flaming: Exploring Hostile Internet Behavior


1. Poojan Pyakurel, Effect of Gender Ratio on Classroom Interaction

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CONTACT: Brenda Edson, Director of College Relations