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Senior theatre majors take on Women of Manhattan

1/27/2003 4:30:28 PM


LYNCHBURG, Va. — Senior theatre majors will be presenting Women of Manhattan, a play by John Patrick Shanley, on Thursday, January 30th through February 3rd in the Lab Theatre, on the second floor of the Leggett Building on the back of the campus. Performances will be offered at 7:30PM on January 30th, 31st, February 1st and 3rd and 2:00PM on Sunday, February 2nd. Admission is free and no reservations are needed, but seating is limited.

The witty comedy examines the shared human experience of three sophisticated, successful and sexy Manhattan women. They struggle to satisfy both their physical and emotional gratifications, eventually undertaking a collective and personal journey to discover a balance based on love, honest and individual recognition of "true self-esteem." Shanley is the playwright behind such scripts as Moonstruck (1987), which won the Writers Guild Award and an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, and Joe Versus the Volcano (1990).

The director, Kyle Elizabeth Stillwell, is a senior theatre major who plans to work in professional theatre after graduation and eventually attend a graduate directing program. She has performed in the R-MWC productions of The Quarterly, The Children's Hour, The Country Club, and Baby with the Bathwater.

Playing "Billie", Shelby M. Lee is a senior theatre major who plans on pursuing her acting career after graduation. She has performed in the R-MWC productions of The Libation Bearers, The Children's Hour, Iphegenia at Aulis, Baby with the Bathwater, Antigone, Riders to the Sea, and Land of Heart's Desire.

Kearston Dillard, the third senior theatre major, is the lighting designer for this play, and has designed the lights for The Quarterly and the 2002 spring dance concert. After graduation, she plans to work professionally as an electrician and attend graduate school.

For more information, call 434-947-8562.

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CONTACT: Brenda Edson, Director of College Relations