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Randolph Students, Faculty Present Research at Regional Conference

Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference for Undergraduate Students showcases scholarship, research

10/13/2008 4:15:58 PM


LYNCHBURG – Six Randolph College students joined faculty members to present research at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference for Undergraduate Students MARCUS) Oct. 11.

The conference, held at Sweet Briar College, focuses on the scholarship and research activities of undergraduate students. College students from Virginia and surrounding states are invited to submit scholarly research papers from all academic disciplines. Randolph’s teams of students and faculty members reported the results of the research conducted through the college’s Summer Research program and Independent Research projects.

“These kinds of opportunities are so important for our students, as it gives them great experiences that help prepare them for jobs or graduate school,” said Peter Sheldon, director of the Summer Research program and physics professor. “These types of experiential learning activities are what typify the Randolph College experience.”

Participants included:

Rebika Shrestha and faculty advisor Bill Bare: Correlation of Lead Concentration in Soil with Architectural Risk Factors

Sreya Bagchi and Iva Gerasimenko and faculty advisor Tatiana Toteva: Using Semblance Analysis to Identify Seismic Scatterers Near Parkfield, CA

Priyanka Uprety and faculty advisor Kathy Schaefer: Optimization of Multi-modality Adenoviral Vector via a Packaging Line/'Mosaic' Strategy

Puspa Thapa and faculty advisor Kathy Schaefer: Creating a Recombinant Plasmid for the Conditional Immortalization of Proepicardial Cells

Marwa Abdel Latif and faculty advisor Rebecka Brasso: Mercury Allocation into Eggs Laid by Tree Swallows

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CONTACT: Brenda Edson, Director of College Relations