Students, Faculty Present Research at MARCUS Conference

Summer research participants share results of their collaborative projects.  


Eleven students from the Randolph College Summer Research Program presented the research they did with faculty at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference of Undergraduate Scholarship (MARCUS) on Saturday, October 5, 2011.

Nashiva McDavid, Wyatt Phipps, with Kelley Deetz: "Her Thousand Chimneys Smoked: Virginia's Enslaved Cooks, Racialized Labor and Legacy"

Meredith Humpheys, Woyni Teklay and Qi Zhang, with Peter Sheldon, Peggy Schimmoeller, and Tatiana Gilstrap: "Science and Math Links: Research-Based Teaching Institute"

Zahra Adahman with Katrin Schenk: "Classification and Analysis of the Pup Calls of a Mouse Model Of Autism"

Julie Dinh Doan with Katrin Schenk and Caroline Mann: "Measuring the Invisible: Explicit and Implicit Mental Illness Stigma in Young Americans Across Cultural Groups"

Julianna Joyce with Chad Beck: "'They're Not Like You and Me, Which Means They Must Be Evil': The Racialized Other in Disney Film and Television Animation"

Megan Hageman with Beth Schwartz: "Academic Integrity at Randolph College"

Safiyah Lopez and Shradha Shrestha with Elizabeth Perry-Sizemore: "Assessing Some Externalities of Non-Profit Home Restoration: The LNDF in Lynchburg and Tinbridge Community"

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