Student Scholarship

Randolph College students are actively engaged in intellectual activity that goes beyond the bounds of the classroom. Working closely with their faculty mentors, students engage in a variety of advanced research, creative expression, travel, service and experiences.

Recent Student Scholarly Activities

Student Research Wins Major Award
A high school student working with a Randolph faculty member is advanced to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair
Physics students and faculty present papers at national physics meeting
Society of Physics Students Receives National Award
Randolph's SPS is named an Outstanding Chapter once again
Levitating Superconductor Research
Faculty/Student research collaboration with Central Virginia Governor's School
Students and Faculty Volunteer for Regional FIRST LEGO League tournament
Lynchburg's FIRST LEGO is largest nearby robotics tournament
Glenna Gray '14 presents research at national art history conference
Society of Physics Students Volunteer at Local Robotics Competition
Five students joined Peter Sheldon, physics professor, to volunteer for the First Lego League Robotics Tournament in November
Students Invited to Present at Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physical Science
Seven Students Present Research at the Mid-Atlantic Conference for Undergraduate Scholarship
Research was done in the Randolph College Summer Research Program
Psychology Professors Present Research at annual conference
The Honor System: Influences on Attitudes and Behaviors
Shradha Shrestha presents senior and summer research at New York State Economics Assocation Annual Meeting
Student's research examines the effects of a housing non-profit's home renovations on surrounding property values.
Safiyah Lopez and Shradha Shrestha present senior research at the New York State Economics Assocation Annual Meeting
Students present results of neighborhood satisfaction survey.
Science Festival Article Published in SPS Observer
Peter Sheldon, a Randolph physics professor, and Thawda Aung '13 wrote the article for the issue
Randolph student, professor to present at conference
Cathy DeSilvey will discuss Yves Klein at the Southeastern College Art Conference.
Sara Taylor 12 wins short fiction prize
Her winning short story, titled "Chloe's Story," was part of the collection she write for her senior honors project at Randolph College.
Communication Studies Students Present Scholarship at Conference
Two students win research awards for their presentations
Society of Physics Students named an Outstanding Chapter by national office
Randolph College astronomy class conducts research at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Jim Kwon gives talk at international mHealth conference.
Sophomore presents research on using cell phones to measure gait speed.
Thawda Aung presents work at international mHealth Summit.
Junior working to build cell phone applications for weight loss and behavior modification.
Students, Faculty Present Research at MARCUS Conference
Summer research participants share results of their collaborative projects.
Physics Professor Katrin Schenk and student Zahra Adahman selected to give talk at international conference.
Katrin Schenk Awarded Grant from the Alzheimer's Association
Physics professor, students developing system to monitor status of Alzheimer's patients.
Economics Students Work With Professor to Study A Nonprofit's Impact on Property Values
Students partner with the Lynchburg Neighborhood Development Foundation for research project
Rising Senior Explores Medieval Christian Mystics and Zen Buddhists
Corbin Nall '12 works with Gordon Steffey, a professor of religious studies, during 2011 Summer Research Program
Randolph Students and Professor Research Rivermont History
Summer Research Project helps bring local history to life
Summer Research Project focuses on mental health stigma
Caroline Mann worked with students to collect and analyze data
Mara Amster and Jerry Wells '12 Use Summer Research to examine 2008 Eliot Spitzer scandal
Research uses technology to aid data collection and analysis
Jim Kwon to Conduct Alzheimers Research This Summer
Student selected for coveted paid assistantship at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.
Communication Students Present Research, Win at Regional Conference
Caroline English and Aster Thomas, take first and third places respectively.
Communication Studies Professor and Student Present Research at Regional Conference
Students and Faculty present at National Conference
Environmental Studies and Organic Garden students share research at the Association for the Advancement of Higher Education Conference in Denver
Eleven Randolph Students Present Research at MARCUS Conference
Research presented includes Summer Research and Senior Research projects
Physics Professor Presents Roller Coaster Research at James Madison University
Peter Sheldon worked with Kacey Meaker
Classics Students Garner End of Year Honors
Roundup of recent achievements.
Randolph Student, Alumnae Admitted to Graduate Schools
Sarah Kreiger, Emily Hanson and Emily Schuetz to pursue advanced degrees.
Randolph College Senior Earns Coveted Spot at Sorensen Institute
Danielle Simms selected to attend the 2010 College Leaders Program conducted by the Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership
Senior Rosanna del Mar Torres Medina Presents Economics Research
Megan Barrett Takes Second in National Greek Translation Contest
Barrett also victorious in Randolph College Latin Scrabble Tournament
Randolph Students Take Second Place in National Classics Competition
Rhiannon Knol '11, Eric Struble '11 shine in their first Certamen tournament.
Art Faculty to Lead Students on Seminar to Italy
Kathy Muehlemann and Andrea Campbell will unveil Renaissance art and technique
Randolph Students Accepted to Prestigious Classical Programs
Classics majors choose from Oxford, Brown, University of Chicago, Michigan, North Carolina and Yale
Rhiannon Knol and Eric Struble to Present at National Conference
Summer research project leads to creation of Latin reader.
Eta Sigma Phi Inducts Four
Students, Faculty to Attend National Conference.
Physics Faculty, Students Report Research at National Conference
Peter Sheldon and Tatiana Gilstrap present at American Physical Society National Meeting in Washington, DC
Randolph Faculty, Students Lead Session at National Conference on Science, Policy and the Environment
Discussion promoted strategic partnerships between academia, citizens, and local government to promote sustainable urban planning and development.
Lesley Tylczak and Ola Fincke Present at Conference
Madison Kebler Translates French Book into English
Student hopes to publish work, bring attention to struggles of Muslim women.
Stevens work to appear in Journal of Roman Archaeology
Former students also contribute chapters to the piece.
Marja Copeland Presents Research at Conference
Katelin Shugart-Schmidt Presents Research at Conference
Danielle Robinson, Eve Gasarch, Timothy Seastedt Present Research at Conference
Rachel Crowder Presents Research at Conference
Poojan Pyakurel and Rosha Poudyal Participate in the College
Centennial Greek Play to be performed in Athens, Greece
Randolph students and professors take a 3-week journey across Greece, will blog and podcast
Iwalani Martin Performs Original Dance at Symposium
“Turbulence and Flow” explores how water flows
Olivia Marlin Presents Research at Symposium
Study looks at economic issues surrounding declining population trends in Japan.
Susan E. Christianson Presents Research at Symposium
Study looks at history of the Scotland during the Reign of Edward I.
Caitlin Clare Presents Research at Symposium
Case study looks at the careers of female sportscasters from the 1970s to the present.
Erin Dunn Presents Research at Symposium
Study looks at how Hollywood dramatizes the biographies of artists.
Kandyce Korotky Presents Original Poetry at Symposium
Poetic exploration journeys from lust to love.
Emily J. Hanson Presents Works at Symposium
Exhibition features drawings inspired by the art of Michelangelo.
Katelyn Bulluck Performs at Symposium
Original dance explores students' reactions to authority.
Jessica Cline Presents Works at Symposium
Collection of figure studies and portraits emphasizes capturing the essence of people rather than merely reproducing a likeness.
Kara Clissold Presents Research at Symposium
Study looks at the effect of social dominance on social learning in horses.
Jennifer Arline Presents Research at Symposium
Study looks at image public relations for oil giant Exxon Mobil.
Marwa Latif Presents Research at Symposium
Study looks at the role of insulin in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome.
Meredith Bell Presents Research at Symposium
Study looks at postfeminism values in professional wrestling.
Trio Presents Research at Symposium
Chemistry study looks at mercury in voltammetry.
Aliyah Barrett Presents Poster at Symposium
Study uses mass spectrometry to identify and analyze bacteria.
Jaime Hartless Presents Research at Symposium
Study test the importance of religion in American society in the face of increasing secularization.
Ludovic Lemaitre Presents Research at Symposium
Project aims to develop an environmentally sustainable master facilities plan for Randolph College.
Kimberley Myrie Presents Research at Symposium
Study looks at the military failures of England’s Queen Elizabeth I.
Shelly Patrick Presents Research at Symposium
Study looks at the use of personal encouragement in regulating the behavior of preschool students.
Trio Presents Research at Symposium
Study looks at enhancement of atomic emission and atomic absorption lamps.
Katrina Wiechmann Presents Research at Symposium
Study examines the motion of Barnard’s Star from images obtained at Randolph College’s Winfree Observatory.
Marwa Latif Presents Poster at Symposium
Study examined mercury contamination in swallow eggs.
Wai Sze Cheung Presents Research at Symposium
Study looks at use of nanosized silicon powders in nanoelectronics and photovoltaics.
Ashleigh Pogue Presents Research at Symposium
Study looks at genetic anomaly that causes HIV/AIDS immunity.
Megan Steigerwald Presents Research at Symposium
Study examines the portrayal of “fallen women” in Victorian novels.
Smriti Thapa Presents Research at Symposium
Study looks at factors which affect class participation among female Asian students.
Jalika Conteh Presents Research at Symposium
Film study compares Hitchcock’s Rear Window (1954) and Disturbia (2007).
Trio Presents Research at Symposium
Project seeks to eliminate errors, inefficiencies in infrared spectrometry processes.
Penny Rosen Presents Artwork, Poetry at Symposium
“Star Gazing” offers connection between the artist and the natural world.
Johna Strickland Presents Research at Symposium
Study looks at the ethics of undercover journalism.
Anne Terashima Presents Research at Symposium
Content analysis of book covers shows how fiction is marketed to adolescent girls.
Stephanie Lyons Presents Research at Symposium
Study uses scattering technique to analyze development of stars.
BLOG: Service Learning in Public Economics
Econ 217 students get out into the community to see where the tax money goes
Amenah Alsrogy presents paper at Virginia Association of Economists annual meeting
Alsrogy presents research on factors influencing students
Faculty and Students present research at APS National Conference
American Physical Society welcomes Randolph scholars
Florentina Furtuna has undergraduate research published
Paper examines area personal finance habits of college students