Faculty and Students present research at APS National Conference

American Physical Society welcomes Randolph scholars


Two Randolph College faculty and four seniors presented research at the National Meeting of the American Physical Society in March, 2009. Each of the four students received a travel grant from the Society of Physics Students.

Wai Sze Cheung presented the research she did in the DAAD summer research program in 2008, “Synthesis of Nanosized Silicon Powders and Characterization of Their Electrical Properties.” Stephanie Lyons presented the research that she did in the summers of 2007 and 2008 at Notre Dame, “14N (p,p) Scattering with the KN Van de Graff Accelerator.” Tiffany Paonessa presented her senior research project, “Recreation of Natural Optical Phenomena.” Katrina Wiechmann presented her senior research project, “Measuring Proper Motion of Barnard’s Star.”

Dr. Peter Sheldon and Dr. Tatiana Toteva presented their research done with Peggy Schimmoeller, “Scientific Inquiry: A Problem-Based Approach for Improving Teaching and Learning.”