Rising Senior Explores Medieval Christian Mystics and Zen Buddhists

Corbin Nall '12 works with Gordon Steffey, a professor of religious studies, during 2011 Summer Research Program


Corbin Nall ’12 spent the summer delving into deep ideas about medieval Christian mystics and Zen Buddhists.

The religious studies major participated in Randolph College’s 2011 Summer Research Program to investigate apophasis–a discourse method that defines religious or philosophical ideas by saying what they are not, rather than what they are. Gordon Steffey, a professor of religious studies, advised him in his research.

After delving into the topic, Nall discovered that apophasis was just a small part of a larger connection between the thoughts and methods of the writers he studied. Both seem to approach an understanding of truth by ridding the mind of habits and preconceived mindsets.

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