Peter Sheldon Named Associate Chief Reader of AP Physics Exam



Peter Sheldon, a Randolph College physics professor, has been named as an associate chief reader of the national Advanced Placement physics exam.

Sheldon will work with other selected by the College Board to ensure that the AP physics exam is correctly and fairly graded and to be sure that the exam and its grading reflect what is expected in a college course.

The chief reader works with the exam development committee to be sure that the exam that is created is fair and consistent with AP goals, and then the chief reader convenes about 150 high school and college physics teachers to grade (“read”) the approximately 150,000 physics AP exams from around the world. The chief reader works with table leaders to create grading rubrics that can be applied consistently, and then readers are carefully trained to apply to rubric and grade fairly. The chief reader is responsible to be sure that all exams are graded and that rubrics and results are published.

Physics has two separate exams: B (algebra-based) and C (calculus-based). Rubrics and readers for each exam are completely independent of each other, but all readers of both exams have always come together under the same chief reader. The exam has been growing and changing so much so that the College Board has decided to split the two exams so that each has its own chief reader. Since they previously had assigned one chief reader to both exams, the temporary position they have created until her term is up is associate chief reader, which will serve the same purpose. The current chief reader is in charge of the B exam, and the associate chief reader is in charge of the C exam.