Brad Bullock publishes chapter in new book

Gendered Consequences of Colonialism

Brad Bullock


Brad Bullock, Professor of Sociology, recently co-authored a chapter entitled "Globalization's Gendered Consequences for the Caribbean," soon to appear in the book Eternal Colonialism. The book will be published by University Press of America in early 2010.

In the chapter, Bullock argues that "colonialism persists in the guise of globalization." And while globalization presents some opportunities for the world, it also has had significant negative impacts, demanding that "Caribbean nations become even smaller as mere factors of labor, production, and services for other more powerful states or trading blocks."

This has been particularly harmful for migrant women and has contributed to a sex trafficking "industry" in what may be understood as part of "the world gender order." Professor Bullock continues to do research on sex trafficking in the Caribbean Region.