Centennial Greek Play to be performed in Athens, Greece

Randolph students and professors take a 3-week journey across Greece, will blog and podcast  


A group of Randolph College students and professors will perform the centennial edition of The Randolph College Greek Play in Athens, Greece. The performance of Alcestis will take place in a sea-side amphitheatre on June 11, 2009.

The performance will be the climax of a three-week journey throughout Greece, as part of the International Studies Seminar"Practical Wisdom: Art & Drama in Greece".

Fifteen students will embark on a three-week trip to Greece to investigate ideas about art and performance by participating in the production of an ancient play in Greece and by studying Greek philosophy of art. Students will visit sites important to the history of philosophy and drama in Greece, including the Athenian Agora and Acropolis, the Theatre of Dionysus, the Theatre of Epidaurus, and the sanctuary at Delphi.

The group plans to share their experiences via podcasts which will be available via both the Greek Play blog and Facebook page.

Amy Cohen, associate professor of classics, and David Schwartz, associate professor of philosophy, will lead the group.

Participating students:

  • Megan Barrett
  • Sara Taylor
  • Eric-John Tate
  • Rachel Crowder
  • Lily Knoble
  • Elizabeth Schlackman
  • Katrina Wiechmann
  • Reese Barclay
  • Elizabeth Swift
  • Laura Allan
  • Alexandra Barrett
  • Yayi Zhang
  • Katherine Janson
  • Jose Alvarez
  • Iwalani Marie Martin