Penny Rosen Presents Artwork, Poetry at Symposium

“Star Gazing” offers connection between the artist and the natural world.  


Penny Rosen ’10 presented, “Star Gazing”, a multi-media art exhibition accompanied by original poetry, at the Symposium for Artists & Scholars on April 17, 2009 at Randolph College.

Rosen the works under the guidance of her faculty mentors, Jim Muehlemann, associate professor of art, and Jim Peterson, associate professor of English, while an undergraduate student at Randolph College.

An abstract of the project follows...

If it is true that our names are in the cosmos before we are born, I see art as the microcosm we create of ourselves within that cosmos. My collages of test strips from black and white photography depict me and my times at Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, in Alaska this past summer, and at home in South Carolina. Emerson said that there is nature and you and what is in between is art. The fishing line that strings the test strips together represents the connection between the natural world and me. The experiences in my six poems are a part of a deeper side of my memories that you cannot see in the pictures. Like stars, these visual and poetic images extend and root the universe that encompasses the cosmos of my art.

The Student Symposium of Artists and Scholars provides Randolph College students from all classes and disciplines the opportunity to present the results of their research, scholarship, and creative work to the entire College community and beyond.

The two-day symposium, modeled after a typical academic conference, features oral presentations of student research, readings of creative work, musical performances, and exhibitions of student artwork. The symposium also includes a poster session, reception and a keynote address from a noteworthy academic speaker.

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