Kimberley Myrie Presents Research at Symposium

Study looks at the military failures of England’s Queen Elizabeth I.  


Kimberley Myrie ’09 presented, “Elizabeth I: the Indecisive Military Ruler” at the Symposium for Artists & Scholars on April 17, 2009 at Randolph College.

Myrie conducted the research with her faculty mentor, Marjorie Wheeler-Barclay, professor of history, while an undergraduate student at Randolph College.

An abstract of the project follows...

Elizabeth I has usually been considered one of the greatest “kings” of England because she was able to able to fuse her role as monarch with the expected qualities of a woman at the time of her reign. Despite the common belief that Elizabeth was an overall success as a monarch, however, she proved to be a military failure. In other words, Elizabeth was unsuccessful at one of the most important traditional roles of being the “king” of England. This paper analyzes various military expeditions sanctioned by Elizabeth and demonstrates how her indecision about military matters, and the response of the military commanders to her orders, led to military disasters. It also focuses on the point that Elizabeth’s only true military success was that of the Spanish Armada; however, this success has been misleading as it overshadowed her constant and overall military failures.

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