Emily J. Hanson Presents Works at Symposium

Exhibition features drawings inspired by the art of Michelangelo.  


Emily J. Hanson ’09 presented, “Expressive Faces, Contemplative Minds: Drawings Inspired by the Art of Michelangelo” at Randolph College’s Symposium for Artists & Scholars on April 18, 2009.

Hanson created the works under the guidance of her faculty mentor, Jim Muehlemann, associate professor of art, while an undergraduate student at Randolph College.

An abstract of the exhibition follows...

This exhibition reflects my visual and art historical studies of the art of Michelangelo Buonarroti, whose depiction of the human form still speaks to artists and historians alike. In this series I concentrate on his manner of depicting the aged compared to his youthful ignudi figures from the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Michelangelo was a man entirely conscious of his own mortality. His depictions of age show an acute awareness of both hand and mind in the powerful images of faces expressing deeply contemplative minds. We can only speculate about the contents of his mind, but what remains are glorious portrayals of entirely human figures, lost in the ruminations of a man marked by profound internal conflict.

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The two-day symposium, modeled after a typical academic conference, features oral presentations of student research, readings of creative work, musical performances, and exhibitions of student artwork. The symposium also includes a poster session, reception and a keynote address from a noteworthy academic speaker.

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