Sample Questions


  • What preparation is necessary for entry-level jobs in this field?

  • How important is it to pursue a graduate degree or additional training for this field?

  • Could you recommend things I should be doing now to prepare for a career in this field (e.g., internships, courses).

  • Do you feel that a study-abroad experience would enhance my qualifications for a position in this field, and if so, how would it benefit me?


  • Is there travel involved in your job and if so, how often do you travel?

  • What stresses do you feel, if any, between work and family?

  • What is the typical salary range for entry-, mid-, and upper-level positions?

Job Outlook:

  • What are the opportunities for advancement?

  • Do you anticipate employment in this field to grow, decrease, or remain stable?

  • What types of employers hire people in your line of work?

Job Routine:

    Describe how you spend your time during a typical work day/week.

  • What major satisfactions do you derive from working in this field?

  • What are some of the issues/problems that you must deal with in your work?

Job Search Techniques:

  • What strategies would you use if you were in a job search for a position in this field?

  • Would you review my resume and give me feedback on how to improve it?

  • What types of questions should I expect when interviewing for a job in this field?


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