• Use of the Career Network is for students and alumnae of the College only.

  • Write or e-mail the alumna to introduce yourself and explain your request.

  • Be clear about your intentions; alumnae are good sources for career information and connections, but should not be sources of jobs. You are gathering information and advice. Be prepared with questions to ask. You are not there to ask for a job.  You are asking for advice with your job search or to gather information to assist you in making career decisions.

  • Establish a convenient time to talk by phone or meet in person to further explain your interests, request information, obtain other contacts, etc. Though some alumnae may prefer to communicate with you by phone or through e-mail, most will feel more connected to you if they have met you personally. You should meet with them at their convenience.

  • Set a time limit for the meeting (usually 30 to 60 minutes) and stick to it. If the encounter is going well and the alumna offers to extend the time, that is all right within limits.

  • Dress as if you are attending a professional interview.

  • Prepare for your arranged phone or personal meeting by outlining questions in advance (see Sample Questions). Develop a one-minute pitch describing your skills, experiences, and interests.

  • Take good notes during the conversation.

  • Take a copy of your resume. After the initial conversation, you may ask the contact if they would like to see a copy of your resume to review how you have spent the last four years. You may also ask for feedback on your resume.

  • Write a note to the alumna thanking them for their  time, advice, contacts, etc. This should be done within 3 days of contact.

  • Keep the alumna informed of your progress, particularly if you were given leads.


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