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Art Faculty to Lead Students on Seminar to Italy

April 8, 2010
Kathy Muehlemann and Andrea Campbell will unveil Renaissance art and technique

Students work on Renaissance painting techniques with Professor Muehlemann

Kathy Muehlemann, professor of art and fellow of the American Academy in Rome, and Andrea Campbell, professor of art history and Fulbright Fellow to Italy, will teach a travelling seminar through Italy starting in May and ending in June.

The course follows a Renaissance Painting Techniques class Muehlemann and Campbell are co-teaching this spring. In that class, students are learning how to create paintings with the same techniques used by Renaissance artists. In conjunction with those techniques, students also learn the meaning and function of art in the Renaissance period. The study seminar in Italy will allow students to see the art they studied in class in its original context and with profound appreciation and understanding.

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